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„For 26 years now we solve the problems from others. In doing so we understand what they plan, think and feal. With sustainable success.“

We do not think much of perfectly formulated, glossy printed general principles being on the shelf or hanging on the wall that always highlight the person when talking about the own activities. At our company the customer decides by his loyality - in some cases for more than 26 years - what the performance of the IDSM GmbH and the corporate philosophy behind it is of value for him. → Business portfolio
  • Software development
  • Checking medical liquidations (GOÄ)
  • Digital archiving
  • Ext. project management
Due to contrasting business activities being not interconnected, IDSM achieves an economic independence for more than 20 years that makes our company a reliable service contractor for our customers and partners in the long run. Software development on a high level for global players belongs to our portfolie as well as checking the medical liquidations for companies of the insurance business or the archiving of valuable company know-how on IDSM servers.
Each company has persons who knows exactly what is missing or should be changed, in order to reach optimal results. The fastest way to figure out the deficits is not to create comprehensive functional specifications, but to create a wish list like six-year-olds do it for Christmas. They will not think about it, if his wish can be realised, how difficult the ralisation is and what is the price for it.
Many customers are highly surprised, when their wishes partly or completely becomes real in record time thanks IDSM.
According to Wikipedia a prototype is an executable piece of software or otherwise concrete modelling (e.g. mock-up) of a subcomponent of the target system. Often this prototype serves afterwards as basis for a better communication with the customers or also within the development team about concrete things (instead of abstract models). In the field of software development we produce prototypes fast and at our own charge - in most cases already with the complete scope of performance expected by the customer. Due to this groundwork it comes almost to 100 % to an order and implementation at the customer.